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Dash is a multipurpose laminate line that can be used in private offices or with any Fríant system. This flexible system integrates seamlessly with the Interra panel system. The range of options include various options include 3 leg options, 29 different laminates and the option of using it free standing or within a system. Any way you work, Dash works with you.

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Product Highlights

Compatibility with Fríant Systems

Dash integrates well with the Interra panel system when you attach the Dash credenzas and the Dash storage hutch overhead. We offer three types of brackets that allow you to easily combine DASH and Interra systems.

Variety of Storage

You can customize your look by adding a variety of storage including pedestals, lockers, cabinets, bookshelves and wardrobe towers.

Custom Look at a Non-Custom Price

With Dash, you can choose 3 different laminates within our products to create a custom look with no additional up-charge. So on your credenza you can pick a laminate for the case, top and/or front. Combining options can create an elevated and custom look.

Meet Dash

Mix it, match it, make it work. Any way you work, Dash works with you, allowing for quick plug and play accessibility with its discreet power trough and easy configurability. It is the ultimate “co-worker”, integrating seamlessly with our new Interra panel system.

Features and Benefits

Mix and match desking system integrates seamlessly with Interra

Successfully configures for open-plan or private office

A range of overhead storage, pulls, and leg options.

Free-standing design makes it perfect for private offices

The huge variety makes it easy to create solutions that fit any needs.

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Designed and assembled in California

Lifetime warranty to original owner

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Electrical / Technical

Powered and non-powered credenzas

Available with 4-circuit hardwired power or 1-circuit plug in power

Power trough allows for easy power access and clean wire management


Dash includes are largest range of options, including:

Credenzas and shared credenzas,

Worksurfaces and supports.

Privacy Screens

Overhead storage and shared overhead storage

Storage towers and pedestals


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Pro Resources

Dash Price Book
Dash Sales Sheet


Dash Installation FAQ
Dash Installation Manual

all workstyles welcome

Create a workplace that positions you for success. Collaborators can work together. And focus when they must. Standers can stand and sitters sit. Individual contributors feel empowered. Executives feel well served.

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