• Comfortable & connected.Fríant Home Office
  • A new reason to relax.Fríant Soft Seating


Our three systems offer you a classic, modern or flexible look to help complete your workspace.


We have metal and laminate storage options making it easy to customize your workspace.


We can accommodate anything from conference rooms, reception desks to private offices with our variety of casegoods.


Come explore the newest additions to the Fríant seating collection.

Our Global Team

For over twenty years, Friant has worked hand-in-hand with Shanghai-based design/build firm, Cubespace. This proud partnership has long reinforced Friant’s overseas sourcing, innovation, and quality-control capabilities.

U.S. Manufacturing

We combine technology and craftsmanship at our facilities on the east and west coasts, totaling 800,000 square feet. Strategic distribution points offer more efficient delivery of products to our clients.

Elite Dealers

Our products are delivered, shipped, and received through our team of authorized Friant dealers. With over 1,500 dealers nationwide, it’s never an issue to source, install, or maintain Friant products.

At Fríant we design furniture for the modern workspace without sacrificing style or quality. For over a decade, we have grown our product lines into a total solution while operating globally as a trusted brand.


This modern frame and tile system works great with our Dash desking system.


Our panel system that combines both durability and flexibility to give you a segmented look.


This freestanding workspace gives your office a custom feel for a non-custom price.


For an open office feel, Verity’s benching system gives you the flexibility to create a productive workspace.

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