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Friant Furniture Soft Seating Workplace Render - Hanno_Jot_Pog II

Relax, unwind, and have a seat.

Jot is our low profile collection, that boosts workplace engagement and offers a variety of ways to make your space inviting or more private. Its tapered metal legs and dramatic curves, provide all the comfort you’d expect. The sectionals 120-degree design enables you to arrange your workplace to your liking. Use our sectional to create open and vibrant workspaces, and use the high back sofa to give your employees the privacy they need. Either way, Jot is there for your lounging needs.
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Jot High Back Double

Jot’s high back option is the easiest way to create privacy within busy environments. Use its wrapped back as a way to retreat and get some quiet time while it supports you and keeps you in an upright position.

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Jot Low Back Single

This low profile lounge gives a versatile and enduring look to the office space. Pairing perfectly with the rest of the Jot collection, this chair encourages comfort and engagement.

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Jot Sectional

With the Jot sectional you're able to create the seating that works for your workspace. Mix and match between several options, use them on their own, or build the perfect sectional for yourself.

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