In a time of uncertainty lies the open door for opportunity of transformational growthand innovation. Discerning through and between personal experiences and newsabout job losses or opportunities can be a lot to digest. The great news is that thereis light at the end of the tunnel. Inc. 5000’s 2023 survey study of private companygrowth in the United States indicates that 1,187,266 jobs and $358 billion inrevenue were generated in 2022 indicating 219% median growth for Americanbusinesses, (2023, August 22). Inc. 5000 2023 First Look at the CompaniesBuilding the Future. Inc.  


What does that mean for businesses?

The world pendulum continues its inevitable motion as the momentum swings from work-from- home to the full return to the office. Employers and employees reflect on values of the workplace and how the evolution of the workspace will impact the health of both business and people. During this pivotal period, it is crucial that business leaders and decision-makers think and accordingly build the optimal workspace with the long game in mind.

3 Simple Steps to Think About When It Comes to Improving the Workspace:

  1. Accept the problem(s). Openly face and accept challenges that needs overcoming.
  2. Understand the problem(s). Ask the right questions to identify the root cause creating the problem(s) to develop sound solutions
  3. Address the problem(s) accordingly. Appropriately decide on the source ofsupport that will help implement the solution(s) and solve the problem(s)

Here’s a friendly reminder today to all the business leaders in search of new waysto improve and grow their business – there are people rooting for you in your corner within reach that is beyond your organization.

Let’s work together with the best future in mind.

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