Here’s a glimpse inside some of Fríant’s manufacturing and showrooms!

At Fríant, we are proud to design furniture that performs and delivers the best value. We support brands and our client’s unique style with solutions for an entire workspace. For three decades, Fríant has focused on growing our line to support a range of industries from close to our home in San Leandro, CA all the way to our East Coast headquarters.


When it comes to office furniture, we want what works best for you, which is why we own and operate our manufacturing facilities. We combine technology and craftsmanship at our facilities on the East and West Coast totaling 800,000 square feet.


Our expanding list of showrooms is our next step to delivering the best Fríant experience for our clients. With our San Leandro and Costa Mesa locations on the West Coast and our Atlanta and Suffolk locations on the East Coast and Shanghai are just some ways we are continuing to introduce our products to the world.


We are always working to make the process from concept to final product as simple as possible. Our design team is there to assist whether it begins with a sketch or formal plans being established; we are here to help our clients build a product that fits their exact needs.

This is Fríant, all workstyles welcome.



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