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Friant What Makes People Different Is What Makes Us Special

No workplace is made up of people who think and work the same way, so why do so many office furniture companies assume that we do?


From custom conference tables to upholstery, our local manufacturing facility is busy year-round creating Fríant products for the office furniture marketplace. Our 150,000 sq. ft wood and fabric shop – housed at our San Leandro, CA headquarters – is outfitted with modern equipment, skilled wood and fabric workers, and a multi-million dollar inventory warehouse.

EmbracingA Green Sensibility

At Fríant, we look for ways to be greener by being smarter. For example, we wrap our pallets to minimize packing space and fuel costs for deliveries. The LED-sensory lights in our warehouse and factories save energy by working only when we need them. We’ve even found a way to use 40% more fabric from each roll, resulting in less landfill waste. All these things don’t just make us greener. They make us smarter.

Fríant products meet or exceed the California standards for composite wood products (CARB), putting us at the forefront of our industry in formaldehyde emissions standards.

Our fabrics are made of a blend of recycled polyester fibers and are applied in a direction that maximizes yardage per roll applied to the panel, not the landfill.

Proposition 65 Warning
Fabric Flammability Warning


Friant GSA Contract

Fríant & Associates is proud to be a supplier and strategic partner with a great many federal, state and local governments. We understand state and local government regulations and are committed to providing you with dedicated resources, unique solutions and our two decades plus experience to help you work smarter. We know that you’re constantly being asked to do more with less, and our broad range of products can help you work more efficiently no matter what your workload.

Fríant’s GSA program is designed to provide office furniture solutions at competitively bid pricing to local government entities including cities, counties, municipalities, districts, and special districts. This program also includes vocational schools, K-12 educational facilities, and non-profits (excluding hospitals, healthcare systems, and healthcare related entities). The GSA program seeks to assist public agencies in reducing the cost of purchased goods by providing a competitively priced portfolio of products without the hidden costs and complexity found in other purchasing programs.