Creating the Future for the Workspace

Creating the Future for the Workspace

In a time of uncertainty lies the open door for opportunity of transformational growthand innovation. Discerning through and between personal experiences and newsabout job losses or opportunities can be a lot to digest. The great news is that thereis light at the end of the tunnel. Inc. 5000’s 2023 survey study of private companygrowth in the United States indicates that 1,187,266 jobs and $358 billion inrevenue were generated in 2022 indicating 219% median growth for Americanbusinesses, (2023, August 22). Inc. 5000 2023 First Look at the CompaniesBuilding the Future. Inc.  


What does that mean for businesses?

The world pendulum continues its inevitable motion as the momentum swings from work-from- home to the full return to the office. Employers and employees reflect on values of the workplace and how the evolution of the workspace will impact the health of both business and people. During this pivotal period, it is crucial that business leaders and decision-makers think and accordingly build the optimal workspace with the long game in mind.

3 Simple Steps to Think About When It Comes to Improving the Workspace:

  1. Accept the problem(s). Openly face and accept challenges that needs overcoming.
  2. Understand the problem(s). Ask the right questions to identify the root cause creating the problem(s) to develop sound solutions
  3. Address the problem(s) accordingly. Appropriately decide on the source ofsupport that will help implement the solution(s) and solve the problem(s)

Here’s a friendly reminder today to all the business leaders in search of new waysto improve and grow their business – there are people rooting for you in your corner within reach that is beyond your organization.

Let’s work together with the best future in mind.

Working From Home

Working From Home

As we all continue to adapt to working from home, we’ve gathered a few points that will help you maximize your success. Keeping your mental, physical and emotional health in mind.


Fríant In Action: Vagaro

Fríant In Action: Vagaro

By offering a dynamic scheduling and management software for the beauty and fitness industry, Vagaro makes it easy for companies to grow and run more efficiently. Vagaro worked closely with a Fríant dealer and chose our My-Hite tables to promote an adaptable environment for their team to sit or stand. Paired with Beam and Verity, Fríant created the perfect solution to complete this vibrant and active workplace.

Project Scope

End user: Vagaro
Location: Pleasanton, California
Stations: 180
System type: My-Hite, Beam and Verity
Fabrics: Slide / Slate
Laminates: Cloud White & Light Walnut
Seating: Amenity Task Chair

My-Hite was the clear solution for this workplace

It was a no brainer for this beauty and fitness company that an open and active workspace would give their environment what it needed to feel complete. Our My-Hite table provides flexibility allowing the user to control their comfort. They used Beam to integrate with My-Hite to add power and versatility within the workspace.

Our Cloud White and Light Walnut laminate was used on our My-Hite tables and Verity mobile pedestals to match vagaros bright and airy workspace.
This unique installation showcases our Slate fabric on the Beam mounted screen, providing privacy in an extremely functional environment.
Fríant was able to provide Vagaro with a complete solution that will empower their employees as they continue to grow.
Learn more about the products used

My-Hite Table



Fríant Feature: Get to Know Paul Fríant

Fríant Feature: Get to Know Paul Fríant

Adventure and exploration have been two key factors in how Fríant has grown and what has drawn us to discover innovation and opportunities to develop high-value workspace products. No one exemplifies this more than our founder and CEO, Paul Fríant. We took some time to get insight into how Fríant all started, traveling tips, and what he does in his free time.

What initially sparked your interest in office furniture? 

My interest in office furniture began because of my dad. He had a dealership, so on summer vacations, I would work for him. I started with sweeping floors and eventually got into working with furniture. Later on, I decided to start my own company, which was service work where I repaired old furniture and installed it. I realized people needed more than just repairing, so I made furniture for them and sold it to them.

The real spark of where I am today is after I got through the hump of taking something used, selling it, painting, adding fabric, and building multiples of it. So why not design something that’s my own?

Now I’m a manufacturer.

The partnership between Fríant and Cubespace has created a global alliance – can you talk a bit about that? 

As I went through the process of buying used furniture and refurbishing, I ran out of things I needed for each job and had to source products through other people, and they started to take advantage.

I got a phone call one day from someone saying, “Hey, I’ve got this guy from China, and he wants to see an American factory.” I told him I didn’t have a factory but he was more than welcome to come. He came and wanted to see what it was I was doing and seeing if he could sell me parts from China. I gave him a box of parts, and he took them back with him. A month later, I received a new box of parts that looked exactly like the parts I had left with him. He had manufactured the parts to the exact specs.

“That guy” would turn out to be my business partner and best friend to this day. His role within Friant has been the driving force of our supply chain and parts manufacturing for Friant.

Two weeks after I received the replicated parts I jumped on a plane and went to China. The rest is history.

With Fríant’s global network, you’re always traveling so – what are three things you never travel without? 


I never leave without my travel work bag. I only use it when I go to China, and it has everything I need. It’s an accumulation of things from the past 22 years. Here’s some of what’s inside:

  • Phone
  • Passport
  • Battery Pack
  • Camera
  • Extra shirt
  • Cold medicine

An agenda. You have to have a plan. I always know who I’ll be meeting with, what we’ll be focusing on, and how I’m getting there.

Travel preparation.

I’m only gone for 6 to 7 days most of the time. I make sure I’m healthy and try to get my sleep patterns aligned; that way I’m ready to work right away.


As you continue to work with product development, what is your favorite Fríant system?

Interra because of its cleanliness, its ability to go together with ease and how the lines meet each other. It works well with all of our components, whether it’s Dash, shelving, storage, legs, or worksurfaces. It’s sophisticated and seems to match and blend well together.

It looks good, installs well and performs. That’s what’s key in this industry. It goes back to the panels — the total solution.


When it comes to life outside of Fríant, what are your favorite way to recharge? 

Go to the lake. Golfing.

But I would say getting into a different social experience is the best. Being around people that don’t want to just talk about work. Whether it’s my work or their work, any type of work will prompt a thought in my own brain as well.

Putting yourself in places where everyone is active, including yourself and doing something different is usually a pretty good place to go.


Stay tuned for our Fríant Feature posts to learn more about the many faces of our company and what makes them unique to the team.

Fríant: A Look Inside

Fríant: A Look Inside

Here’s a glimpse inside some of Fríant’s manufacturing and showrooms!

At Fríant, we are proud to design furniture that performs and delivers the best value. We support brands and our client’s unique style with solutions for an entire workspace. For three decades, Fríant has focused on growing our line to support a range of industries from close to our home in San Leandro, CA all the way to our East Coast headquarters.


When it comes to office furniture, we want what works best for you, which is why we own and operate our manufacturing facilities. We combine technology and craftsmanship at our facilities on the East and West Coast totaling 800,000 square feet.


Our expanding list of showrooms is our next step to delivering the best Fríant experience for our clients. With our San Leandro and Costa Mesa locations on the West Coast and our Atlanta and Suffolk locations on the East Coast and Shanghai are just some ways we are continuing to introduce our products to the world.


We are always working to make the process from concept to final product as simple as possible. Our design team is there to assist whether it begins with a sketch or formal plans being established; we are here to help our clients build a product that fits their exact needs.

This is Fríant, all workstyles welcome.



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