Freestanding Panels

Create Zones Effortlessly

In our efforts to ensure that businesses have solutions that are easy to setup, easy to clean and even easier to take down when and if needed, we’ve created our Shield Freestanding Panels. These panels are offered in several laminate finishes and will ensure your employees feel safe and comfortable as they work.

Easy To Setup

These panels allow you to seperate spaces easier than ever and gives you the flexibility to change your space as needed with minimal effort.

High Quality Material

Our acrylic panels are easy to install and even easier to clean. Our Shield products are made to meet the needs of today, with a quality meant to last for the future.

Ready For You

Shield privacy screens are ready to meet the demand of your workplace right now. We'll work with you to get you the products you need, as soon as possible.


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Browse dimensions, materials and more.

Freestanding Panels

Separate space easily or create zones with Shield freestanding panels. Freestanding laminate panel with casters or feet provide a fast way to define space and feature hard surfaces that are easy to clean.

Freestanding Panel with Feet

Dimensions are actual
Laminate is 3/4” thick
Painted metal feet in Cloud White

Friant-Shield-Freestanding Stationary Hardware

Freestanding Panel with Casters

Dimensions are actual
Panel/Markerboard is 3/4” thick
Painted metal hardware in Cloud White
Casters are black – Two are lockable

Friant Shield Freestanding Panel


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