Friant | Friant Dash Revitalize Delivers the Power of Personalization
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Dash Revitalize Delivers the Power of Personalization

CHICAGO, Aug. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Office furniture innovator Fríant is fueling a new trend of personalization and individuality in workplace furniture with its new Dash Revitalize offering – modern desking built for systems integration. Fríant’s Dash Revitalize is a line of beautifully-designed towers, bookcases, lateral files, cabinets, credenzas and stand-up desks that can be mixed and matched to create a wide variety of individualized configurations.

“Dash Revitalize can be shaped to the workplace, to the professional and to the moment,” said Michael Manon, Fríant’s director of marketing and communication. “Collaborators can work together and focus when they must. Standers can stand, and sitters sit. Individual contributors can feel empowered, executives can feel well-served and creatives can thrive on the ability to shape their setting.”

Dash Revitalize components are easy to arrange and work together seamlessly to create efficient and organized spaces with a premium look. Each piece in the Dash collection is manufactured from high-quality materials – with an eye on sustainability – to enhance the user experience and promote productivity.

“Fríant is known for our affordable custom solutions, and Dash Revitalize enriches our heritage. From overhead storage to our new bold and colorful Slide fabrics, with Dash Revitalize, our customers can enhance their work environment and create both a functional and welcoming space,” said Manon. “Dash Revitalize allows businesses to customize desk systems and components to their liking – whether it’s an open-plan, collaborative space or private office – and we work closely with our customers to create the right solution.”

A presence throughout Silicon Valley, Fríant – a brand known as the choice for tech industry disruptors – is expanding nationally. The Dash Revitalize is made at Fríant’s manufacturing plants in California and Virginia and is available through Fríant’s exclusive 10-day ship program anywhere in the U.S.

Fríant products meet or exceed the California standards for composite wood products (CARB), putting us at the forefront of our industry in formaldehyde emissions standards.