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Friant At the Interior Design Roundtable

On September 13th, Fríant’s own Karen Edwards, senior vice president of sales and marketing, participated in Interior Design’s 2018 Workplace Roundtable. As part of our work to build a national brand, Fríant sponsored the event and joined 28 other designers and manufactures at the magazine’s Manhattan headquarters to discuss design trends and workplace solutions.

At the roundtable, the discussion amongst the designers and the manufacturers revolved around inclusion and the future of free-address workspace. Despite the current dominance of anonymous desk space in the free-address model, roundtable participants debated their beliefs that staffers are still craving a home base at their place of work, where they can display and store their personals. During the discussion, Karen highlighted how Fríant’s Dash Revitalize line fuels that important trend of personalization and individuality in the workplace and how our offering can be shaped to the workplace, the professional and the moment. Karen showed the roundtable how Fríant believes in the importance of balancing personal space with collaboration and how we collaborate with our customers to determine functional solutions that contribute to culture and productivity.

The Workplace Roundtable provided a great opportunity for Fríant to share its innovation with the industry and be involved in important conversations that are contributing to the improvement of workplace culture and design. More events like this are coming and will be opportunities for more professionals and top talent across the U.S. to learn about Fríant