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Fríant offers a wide range of fabrics for our products in a variety of colors and textures, please see our swatches for color options.


PF801-01 Quest

PF801-02 Voyage

PF801-03 Transit

PF801-04 Amble

PF801-05 Odyssey

PF801-06 Caravan

PF801-07 Expedition

PF801-08 Wayfare


PF601-01 Gull

PF601-02 Grove

PF601-03 Wing

PF601-04 Quartz

PF601-05 Leaf

PF601-06 Brook

PF601-07 Trail

PF601-08 Amber


PF401-01 Natural

PF401-02 Parids

PF401-03 Overcast

PF401-04 Field

PF401-05 Graphite


PF301-01 Terra

PF301-02 Birch

PF301-03 Moss


PF101-01 Caramel

PF101-02 Slate

PF101-03 Pewter

PF101-04 Verde

PF101-05 Twilight

PF101-06 Vintage

PF101-07 Java

PF101-08 Latte

PF101-09 Sterling

PF101-10 Crema

PF101-11 Breeze

PF101-12 Stem

PF101-13 Mustard

PF101-14 Avocado

PF101-15 Pumpkin

PF101-16 Ocean

PF101-17 Blueberry

PF101-18 Cardinal

PF101-19 Flamingo

PF101-20 Serenity

PF101-21 Azure

PF101-22 Orchid

PF101-23 Plum

PF101-24 Raven


PF501-01 Smoke

PF501-02 Almond

PF501-03 Sage

PF501-04 Straw


PF701-01 Cloud

PF701-02 Dusk

PF701-03 Wave

PF701-04 Earth


COM Fabrics

Friant systems can be customized with COM fabrics (customer’s own materials) for a unique look. This option allows for the use of your own fabric on our Tiles, System 2, and tack boards. It will require personally purchasing, supplying and shipping fabric materials to Friant along with completing a test form and application form. In order to use COM fabrics, Friant must test a fabric sample to ensure it is suitable for use. After testing, we will need to receive a fabric shipment from you before we can proceed with your order.

Steps to participate in our COM program:

  • Choose your COM fabric and acquire a fabric sample of at least 2.5 yards.
    Complete a COM Test Form, and attach your 2.5 yard fabric sample. A sample of 2.5 yards is required per product you wish to have tested. (For example, if you are completing a form for a COM fabric you wish to use for your Tiles system as well as for seat cushions, you will need to provide two samples of 2.5 yards each.)
  • Complete a COM Test Form, and attach a small fabric sample.This sample will provide us with information on the direction of application based on your attachment to the form.
  • Send your completed COM Test Form to your region’s Customer Service Representative.Both forms must have their appropriate fabric sample attached. Allow 5 business days (from receipt by Friant) for testing and notification of approval from your
    Customer Service Representative.

Additional Information

Both forms must be received prior to or accompanied with order submission. Orders missing any COM forms or fabric samples will be held until receipt. Ship dates are contingent upon the receipt of a clean order.
COM Fabrics must be tagged with: Dealer Name, Dealer PO#.
For each additional fabric you submit, you will need to complete a new set of forms.


Burch and Guilford Premium Fabrics

For use of Burch and Guilford fabrics on Friant products, please see our Burch and Guilford page for approved fabrics, program details, and usage.

Order a Fabric Sample

Colors will display differently on screen, so we suggest ordering a fabric sample. Friant fabrics can be ordered here. Burch and Guilford fabrics should be ordered directly from the manufacturer.

New Slide color samples will be available for order in limited quantities. Fabrics marked with a red square have been discontinued. Please contact your Friant associate for availability

NOTE: Fabrics marked in red have limited availability Please contact your Friant associate for availability.

Available for 10-Day Quickship.  Red – Available for a Limited Time Only