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Friant Claims Department

Fríant is excited to announce we have a new Claims Department! This department will help streamline our claims process as well as monitor/report issues so that we can continue to provide Quality service and products to you.

Claims Process

Please note the below reminders regarding our Fríant Claims Process. Understanding and adhering to the following will ensure a smooth transaction when reporting these issues.

  • Freight (Damaged & Concealed): We are not responsible for damage suffered in transit. Merchandise should be inspected for possible freight damage upon delivery. The consignee should file for damage or shortages with Fríant within 5 days of delivery. You are also protected for “concealed damage” if you file a claim with Fríant within 5 days of delivery. If there is visible damage at time of delivery, always report this on the signed Proof of Delivery (POD). (Please also note in many instances, signing the POD as “Subject to Inspection” does little to protect you.) Be as specific as possible, indicating number of boxes, pallet number and details of damage. Because Concealed Damage is more difficult to prove with carrier, if there is any concern about the condition of a box (crushed/punctured), report it. Take photos of damaged product that is received immediately and forward this information to your CSR along with signed POD & OSD information.
  • Fríant Errors: Buyer must make all claims against Fríant for product defects, errors or shortages in writing within 10 days after delivery. Failure to make such a claim in this time frame shall constitute full acceptance and Fríant is not obligated to remedy.
  • Replacement Request: In the event that you have encountered Freight Damage or a Fríant Error and a replacement is required, please complete a No Charge Replacement Form and submit to your Customer Service Representative. The No Charge Replacement Form should be complete to avoid delays. Benefits:
    • Quicker Response/Turnaround Time.
    • Ensure shipping to correct location.
    • Decrease number of emails on the issue.
    • Greater overall success rate of your request.
  • Back Charges/Credits: Please remember the below rules concerning Back Charges:
    • IMPORTANT: Back Charge quote must be received and approved prior to the commencement of any work. Please submit to your Sales and Customer Service Representative.
    • Invoices must be received within 30 days of Back Charge approval notification.
    • Receipts for materials, rentals, etc. must be provided upon request.
    • Quotes/Invoices from third parties must be provided upon request.

Thank you for your sustained support of Fríant as we continue to refine our processes to provide a greater overall experience to your company!